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Aluminet Shade Cloth Panels

Aluminet Shade Cloth Panels
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Aluminet Shade Cloth Panels

Make hot weather trialing more comfortable for you and your dogs by reducing heat build-up under your tent or canopy, in your vehicle, or in your crates or x-pens. Our Shade Cloth Panels (70% shade factor) are made from Aluminet—a knitted, highly reflective, aluminized fabric that reflects out unwanted heat, radiation, and light, and that does not absorb any heat itself. In addition, the open-knit construction allows excellent air flow. 70% Aluminet acts like a mirror during summer months, providing 55% light reflection; the result is a cooler climate by up to 14°.
Our Puppy Shade Cloth Panels are lightweight and won't rot or mildew. They should be stored carefully to prevent the fabric from snagging on sharp objects. Finished binding on edges and brass grommets every 12".

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