Bite Sleeves

One of many accessories integral to preparing a dog for Schutzhund or police K9 applications is a bite sleeve. However, different bite sleeves will be required for these exercises depending on the age and level of your dog's training. Here at DogSport Gear, you will find an assortment of bite sleeves, suits, and other dog equipment for canines at various skill levels.

When starting a young dog with Schutzhund or police training, a bite suit arm is an excellent and affordable option to strengthen a dog's bite and grip abilities. At DogSport Gear, you will find a few bite suit arm options for younger dogs beginning their training. These bite suit arms and puppy protection sleeves will shield your arm from a dog's bite while providing your canine with a soft and durable bite surface.

As a dog grows and its skills improve, larger and more durable bite suit arms quickly become necessary. Also available at DogSport Gear are Schutzhund leather ambidextrous training sleeves and air compression sleeves. These versatile bite sleeves offer vital arm protection when perfecting a dog's bite. These bite sleeves help to enhance grip while preventing the dog from chewing.

Along with bite sleeves, DogSport Gear is home to many other dog equipment products perfect for training, exercise, and even for fun. We are also one of the largest retailers of such equipment that is willing to ship worldwide. Placing an order is easy at DogSport Gear, as secure credit card payments can be submitted directly from this website or placed by calling our toll-free number.

Dog Training Equipment

When shopping for dog training equipment, quality is of the utmost importance. In some cases it's okay to cut corners to save a few dollars, but when it comes to Schutzhund and police K9 training, this is a hasty move to make. These activities are very demanding on both you and your dog, but especially on the equipment that you use.

We here at DogSport Gear realize the abuse that dog training equipment is subjected to. This is why we choose to stock only the brands that are synonymous with quality. Herm Sprenger is a German collar manufacturer thought of by many to be the best in the world. On our website, you will find the entire Herm Sprenger product line, including durable prong, leather, and show collars that are ideal for rigorous training, competition, and general everyday use.

When a conventional collar just isn't working, many trainers turn to other types of collars to get the job done. Sometimes this means using an electric remote training collar. Dogtra is a leader in electric collars, and is carried exclusively here at DogSport Gear. We chose to stock Dogtra above other brands because it uses only the finest quality electronics in its products, and because they'll survive even the harshest training conditions.

In addition to dog training equipment, you will also find items to hold your dog and your gear. Strength and durability is important even when it comes to items that some may overlook, like equipment bags and dog carriers. Also available at DogSport Gear are dog crates made from aircraft aluminum to give your dog a safe home while on the road, and our polyester equipment bags will help you carry your accessories out on the field or to a competition.

Bite Suits

Dog training for police, military, and ringsport applications requires dog equipment that can withstand the rigors of such tactical exercises. Bite suits are very important in this type of training, as they will not only help build a dog's skills, but maintain them as well. Here at DogSport Gear, a variety of both bite suits and bite sleeves are available to protect a decoy while training dogs.

For especially tough body biters, the heavy full-body dog bite suit found here will provide sufficient protection in all the right places. It has been used throughout Europe and the United States for dog training in military and police situations. Its double-reinforced shoulders and sleeves will shield the wearer from particularly hard biters, while still providing maneuverability. Unlike other suits that offer this level of protection, it can be put on and removed quickly as well.

For a different approach to your dog training, the police K9 tactical bite suit can be worn underneath clothing to give the wearer an everyday appearance. This suit will provide the protection necessary for bite training, but it still allows the wearer to maneuver comfortably. As this suit must be fitted to be worn under clothing, custom sizing is offered here at DogSport Gear to achieve the perfect fit.

Also available is a medium full-body dog bite suit and a police K9 jacket. The medium full-body suit is another option for full decoy protection from various attacks, including armpit and tricep bites. The police K9 jacket on the other hand is ideal for applications where mobility is as important as protection. All of these suits along with various other dog equipment and training products can be found and ordered online here at DogSport Gear, or by calling our toll-free number.

Dog Crate Accessories

Most dog crates that are made of plastic or those that require assembly likely won't last more than a few years. Ultimately, many people end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on these sub-par crates over the course of a dog's life. Although the prices for durable, military-grade dog crates may seem high at first glance, they are certainly worth the initial investment in the long run.

Here at DogSport Gear, you will find dog crates that are tested, approved, and used by the US Marine Corps and the US Army. These crates are perfect for dogs involved in tactical exercises (police, military, Schutzhund, ringsport training) or for the typical dog owner looking for a more durable crate than the standard pet store varieties. All of the dog crates available here at DogSport Gear are constructed and welded using aircraft aluminum for maximum strength.

These aluminum dog crates come in two different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your dog the best. If easy maneuverability is needed at different times, a set of crate casters is also available here at DogSport Gear. These wheels can be added quickly to your crate when portability is necessary, and then removed just as fast when the crate must remain stationary.

Our catalog is also full of other professional items to train dogs for military, police, Schutzhund, or ringsport activities. We have a number of more lighthearted items such as balls and toys as well, all of which are high-quality products that are built to last. And, unlike other retailers of professional dog equipment and training products, we here at DogSport Gear will ship items on our website around the world.

Dog Crate Training

Affordably priced dog crates may seem like a wise purchase at the time, but many of them ultimately fail due to poor craftsmanship. Some even require assembly, which can also shorten the lifespan of any dog crate that will be put through its paces. But here at DogSport Gear, you can find dog crates able to withstand the rigors of military training.

Rather than purchasing budget dog crates and dog crate accessories every few years, it may be worth investing in a solid and durable crate constructed from aluminum rather than plastic. The dog crates available here at DogSport Gear are made and welded using aircraft aluminum, come with stainless steel PENZ latches, and are tested and approved by the US Marine Corps and the US Army. If a dog crate can survive these harsh conditions, it will surely last in all other applications!

Another benefit to using the dog crates found here at DogSport Gear is safety. Can you say that your dog is sufficiently protected in the dog crate you're currently using? If it's constructed from plastic and you had to assemble it, then probably not. An aluminum dog crate will not only keep your dog contained, it will ensure his safety at the same time.

The dog crates found here at DogSport gear come in two different sizes, allowing you to purchase the one that's the perfect fit for your dog. If wheels are required, a caster set is also available which can be added or removed as the wheels are needed. These military-grade crates and an assortment of other dog equipment and training gear can be ordered from this website or by calling our toll-free number, and shipping is available worldwide.

Dog Crates

Dogs involved in Schutzhund and police work require dog equipment designed specifically for professional applications. In these situations, average run-of-the-mill gear simply won't suffice. This even includes dog crates, which some people may write off as a superfluous purchase that doesn't require a great deal of thought.

In reality, though, a dog crate doesn't just serve as a temporary home for a dog. When choosing a dog crate, you should look for one that's built strong to last for years, and one that will provide your dog with a high level of protection while he or she's inside. This is why we choose to carry only aluminum dog crates here at DogSport Gear, as they are both durable and safe.

Our dog crates are perfect for demanding professional jobs, or for the typical dog owner that wants a dog crate to last a lifetime. All of the dog crates found on this website are crafted and welded using aircraft aluminum. No assembly is required either, which strengthens the crate far beyond anything that is made from plastic, or one that requires you to put it together before you can use it.

One of the best endorsements any product could have is from the people who protect and serve our country. The dog crates found here at DogSport Gear were not only tested and approved by the US Military and US Army, they're used by them as well. If our crates can last through the harsh and demanding conditions of the military, they will certainly stand up and provide a high level of protection in Schutzhund or police applications, or during everyday use.

Dog Tracking Harness

When it comes to dog tracking harnesses for Schutzhund, police, or protection situations, everyone has a preference. Some use padded collars over unpadded while others choose leather instead of nylon. One thing is for certain, though; a harness will pull into the dog's breast area instead of the throat, which won't restrict breathing the way that a collar will.

For multi-purpose work, a nylon harness is a great choice. The versatile nylon harness carried here at DogSport Gear is lightweight but durable enough for rigorous training and tracking applications. This nylon harness features two extra D-rings sewn into the side, one-button use for quick removal, and Velcro side panels so you can attach a department patch if one is necessary.

Other harnesses for police protection and tracking work include our patrol, service, and SAR harnesses. All of these harnesses feature a single button for getting the harness on and off quickly. However, the patrol harness features side panels for department patches, while the service and SAR harnesses come with appropriate decoration. The patrol harness has a service dog patch on top, and the SAR harness has a red cross that is easy to see and will instantly let people know your purpose.

For general use, we also carry a nylon/leather combination harness and a padded leather one as well. In the end, though, it doesn't matter what the collar will be used for, be it professional or casual use. If you demand rugged dog equipment that is comfortable for your dog, all of the dog tracking harnesses found here at DogSport Gear fit the bill perfectly.

Dog Fur Saver Collar

The preferred collar choice for many dog trainers around the world is Herm Sprenger. These German-made collars are synonymous with top quality, which is the reason why we only stock Herm Sprenger collars here at DogSport Gear. The types available on this website include prong, show, leather, and stainless steel dog fur saver collars.

Herm Sprenger stainless steel dog fur saver collars eliminate many of the problems that plague budget-priced nickel collars. A stainless steel collar, for example, won't pose a problem to dogs with allergies to nickel. In addition, stainless steel will not discolor the coat of a dog with light-colored fur. Perhaps most important of all, stainless steel collars are durable, which makes them ideal for training applications.

One of the most widely used collars for training is a prong collar. These collars perfectly blend affordably with quality and strength. A variety of Herm Sprenger prong collars are available here at DogSport Gear in a number of different sizes and finishes. If affordability is what you're after, the Ultra Prong Collar is an ideal choice, as it comes with a fixed plate so the prong won't open while you're working.

Attractive and durable Herm Sprenger show collars were designed for competition purposes. The leather, brass, and stainless steel collars carried here will all provide you with excellent control and help your dog breathe easy and remain fresh in the ring. These show collars--along with a wide range of other Herm Sprenger products--can be ordered easily from this website with a credit card, or by calling our toll free number.

Dog Training Devices

Although the sport of Schutzhund has been around since the 1900s, today's Schutzhund training gear isn't stuck in the past. This isn't to say that all items are updated versions of their older counterparts, though. However, a number of new dog training devices can make preparation for Schutzhund competition or police K9 work a little easier than it was in the past, and many of them are available here at DogSport Gear.

When a traditional dog collar just isn't panning out as well as you had hoped, Dogtra remote collars can make the training process go a little smoother. These electric collars are designed using the finest electronics, and will give you control over your dog under harsh weather conditions and from a far distance. The Dogtra 2000 series, for example, features rechargeable batteries, a waterproof transmitter, and a range of over a mile.

Sleeves have also benefited from being updated and modernized over the years. The newest and most popular hidden sleeve at DogSport Gear is the 9609A hidden sleeve. This item is crafted using the same material as our bite suits and it comes with an integrated gauntlet. This sleeve can be worn under clothing to add realism to your training activities, yet it still offers a high level of protection in a streamlined and flexible device.

If you've spent time shopping for dog training devices before, you probably found that many retailers aren't willing to ship outside of North America. However, all of the items found here at DogSport Gear are available to customers located around the world. The shopping process is made easier here as well, as everything can be ordered securely over the Internet with a credit card, or by calling our toll free telephone number.

Dog Training Gear

To train a dog for Schutzhund competition or for police K9 work, the proper dog training gear is necessary. Here at DogSport Gear, you will find a wide range of dog equipment that is needed to prepare a dog for such activities. Everything found on our website can be ordered online or by calling our toll free number, and shipping is available for customers located around the world.

In both Schutzhund and police K9 training, a dog's grip will be trained and strengthened. To make this process as successful as possible, we carry a large number of products designed to do exactly this. Bite sleeves and suits are two examples of such dog equipment, but our dog dumbbells, tug toys, and bungee lines will also help increase your dog's drive and the power in his bite.

While the majority of the items featured on DogSport Gear are for serious applications, many can be helpful to the average dog owner. Certainly, a typical dog owner would have no use for a bite suit, but items like our crates and collars could prove to be quite useful. Our dog crates, for example, are constructed using aircraft aluminum and are sure to last much longer than a conventional plastic dog crate that requires assembly.

This is what makes our dog equipment exceptional: quality. All items available at DogSport Gear are constructed with longevity and strength in mind. Herm Sprenger and Dogtra are two brands that we stock, both of which are recognized for their durability and superior craftsmanship. In addition, many items found here are constructed in-house using the finest materials to ensure that quality and integrity are maintained every step of the way.

Dog Training Sleeves

Dog training sleeves will allow you to train a dog new to the world of Schutzhund or police work and improve his bite and grip abilities. Here at DogSport Gear, you'll find a full range of dog training sleeves for puppies and young dogs as well as dogs competing in Schutzhund and ringsport. Regardless of the sleeve chosen, all are tough, versatile, and designed to last.

For starting a young dog with Schutzhund or police K9 work, one of our bite suit arms is ideal. These sleeves are crafted from the same French linen that is used to create full-body bite suits. Our bite suit arms are both light and sturdy, and will provide your pup with a soft bite surface as you introduce him to the world of Schutzhund or police K9 training.

Next in line for a pup is a bite bar or trial sleeve. Here at DogSport Gear, you will find a number of intermediate sleeves that will offer you protection from bites as you hone your dogs' abilities. This transitional sleeve comes in either left or right designs, and features a jute bottom that can be replaced as it's needed. This replaceable bottom attaches easily to the plastic cuff of the sleeve with a durable leather strap.

Finally, we offer more robust dog training sleeves. A few variations on bite sleeve designs are carried here at DogSport Gear, including sleeves with a dished-out bite bar to enhance grip, an ambidextrous all-leather training sleeve, and an air compression sleeve designed for grip building. Whichever type of sleeve is right for your application, you will find a perfect model here at DogSport Gear, and worldwide shipping is available for all of our products.

Dog Training Supplies

If you're looking for dog training supplies that are far superior to anything found in most specialty pet stores, DogSport Gear likely has what you're after. We're dedicated to carrying only the highest quality products for dog training applications. This includes items for Schutzhund and ringsport activities, and more serious and demanding dog equipment for police K9 and search and rescue jobs.

Items specifically designed for police K9 training include bite suits that can be worn either over or underneath clothing. Other products are geared more towards Schutzhund and ringsport, such as our dog dumbbells for increasing strength. Some--like collars, muzzles, and crates--are quite versatile and are perfect for a variety of training applications or just for typical dog owners that want high quality equipment.

For the downtime between training sessions, you will also find practical items that all dog owners will find useful. The only difference between the items found here and most others is that they are made from stronger materials. Our dog tug toys, for example, are crafted from leather, jute, French linen, and even fire hoses, and are sure to stand up to years of use and abuse.

Unlike many other retailers selling such equipment, we here at DogSport Gear will ship our products anywhere in the world. This includes the full range of dog equipment on our website, from leads and collars to bite suits and crates. If you're interested in ordering any of these dog training supplies, you can do so right from this website or by calling our toll free number.

Dog Tug Toys

Dog tug toys are great for building strength in younger dogs and to reward older dogs for a job well done. Here at DogSport Gear, you will find a huge assortment of durable dog toys made from a variety of materials. All dog tug toys and everything else found here can be ordered directly from this website or by calling our toll free number, and shipping is available worldwide.

The most popular DogSport Gear dog tugs are the ones crafted from leather. All leather tugs are handmade at our shop, and we handpick the leather to ensure a high level of quality. Some are simple in design, using multiple strips of leather, while others feature padding for pups. If a tug for a younger dog is what you're looking for, one of our leather tugs made from soft sham material will be comfortable and easy for your puppy to bite.

Our jute and French linen tugs make excellent obedience rewards and are durable enough to stand up to years of use without losing their shape. For something a little different than a traditional tug, you may be interested in our "gripper flipper" which is a combination of a flying disc and a tug toy. If you're looking for a French linen tug but don't see the size that you're after here, we can custom make one to your size specifications.

All of the dog tug toys carried here at DogSport Gear are double-sewn with heavy commercial thread for maximum strength. This includes our unique fire hose tugs, which are made using raw unbleached cotton. This combination of fire hose materials and cotton allows the tug toy to float on water, but ensures that the toy is completely safe for your dog. Many other tug toys are stuffed using fibers which could be harmful to your dog, but a DogSport Gear tug toy is safe even if your dog's tug is usually strong enough to tear open the toy.

Electric Training Dog Collars

One of the leaders in electric training dog collars is Dogtra. Its line of collars includes remote training collars, bark collars, and even an e-fence system. We choose to carry Dogtra products here at DogSport Gear because this brand focuses on strength and longevity by using only the highest quality electronics inside of all of its products.

Available here is an assortment of Dogtra remote electric dog training collars with varying degrees of power, all of which are ideal for dog training applications. If affordability is what you're after, Dogtra has created the 175 NCP, which is a great entry-level collar for medium to large breeds. This reasonably priced model features a waterproof receiver and transmitter, 400-yard range, dual stimulation modes, and a rechargeable Ni-MH battery.

For something between the lower and high-end models, the 200 NCP was created to bridge the gap. This particular Dogtra remote dog training collar features waterproof parts and a rechargeable battery, along with other desirable features. This model also has a half-mile range, nick or constant stimulation modes, and a non-stimulating pager mode.

Three Dogtra remote dog training collar lines fall into the upper end of the spectrum: the 1100 NC, the 1200 series, and the 2000 series. These electric collars are very popular with both hunters and dog trainers for their versatility and durability. When you purchase a collar from one of these lines, you can expect rechargeable batteries, waterproof construction, nick/constant stimulation modes, and ranges up to and beyond one mile, depending on the collar chosen. Regardless of which one is right for your application though, Dogtra collars can be ordered online here at DogSport Gear, and shipping is available to anywhere in the world.

Leather Dog Muzzles

When it comes to dog muzzles, old world craftsmanship never goes out of style. One of the most popular leather dog muzzles available here at DogSport Gear is the DSG agitation/police muzzle. This particular model features old fashioned styling, comfortable leather, and reinforced sides that will keep their shape while allowing the dog to breathe easily when working.

If affordability is what you're after, the DSG standard leather dog muzzle found here at DogSport Gear is ideal. This version is much like the DSG agitation/police model, but without the reinforced sides. However, it does have other desirable features, such as a reinforced nose piece with heavy leather sides and a padded liner to increase comfort for your dog.

The Cadillac of muzzles is the DSG basket leather dog muzzle, which features incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail. This muzzle has a felt liner sewn into the top part of the muzzle to make it comfortable for the dog, and to prevent any irritation or chafing. The basket portion of the muzzle has more than enough ventilation for your dog, even when he's working hard. It's highly adjustable as well, so you can achieve the perfect fit on your dog's snout.

We choose to stock only leather dog muzzles on this website for a number of reasons. For one, a leather muzzle will not stick to your dog's snout in the winter, and it restrains any biting and chewing. Our leather muzzles also make it very difficult for the dog to dislodge the muzzle with his paws. Perhaps best and most importantly of all, the leather muzzles carried here at DogSport Gear are completely safe for your dog to wear and are non-toxic.

Police Dog Training

Training a dog for police work takes the right combination of dedication and tools of the trade. Here at DogSport Gear, you will find an assortment of products that are designed specifically for demanding Schutzhund and police K9 training work. We pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality products and we make them available to customers located around the globe.

Whether you're doing Schutzhund or police K9 training, a bite sleeve is necessary equipment. Here at DogSport Gear, a variety of bite sleeves are carried that are so versatile they can be used for either application. These sleeves include a durable and long-lasting ambidextrous sleeve, a sleeve with a bite bar to enhance grip and prevent chewing, and a durable air compression sleeve to develop dogs' grip abilities.

Along with bite sleeves, we also carry many bite suites. The suits found here are the same ones that are used daily by many police and military organizations the world over. This includes a standard bite suit that offers great mobility and protection for the wearer. For an added dose of reality to your training exercises, we also carry a police K9 tactical suit that can be worn underneath clothing, yet it's still durable enough to protect the wearer from especially hard bites.

While bite sleeves and suits are two major parts of police dog training, other dog equipment is just as important. Here at DogSport Gear, you will find a wide range of other products for police dog training, such as military-tested aluminum dog crates, electric remote training collars, and harnesses for search and rescue applications. If you see a product that could benefit your police dog training, you can easily order it directly from our website, and shipping is available worldwide.

Rescue Dog Training

A collar is a standard piece of dog equipment, but one that is necessary for all rescue dog training. We stock Herm Sprenger collars here at DogSport Gear, which many are considered to be the highest quality collars in the world. The collar section of this website includes stainless steel fur saver collars to prevent fur discoloration and prong collars that are very strong and resistant to coming loose while working, along with many more in different styles and finishes.

An alternative to a standard collar for rescue dog training we have an electric remote training collar. We choose to supply only Dogtra electric collars at DogSport Gear, as Dogtra focuses on durability and uses only the best electronics in all of its products. Available here is a wide range of versatile Dogtra products that feature rechargeable batteries, waterproof/resistant electronics, and ranges of 400 yards up to and beyond one mile.

One product carried here at DogSport Gear that was designed specifically for rescue dog applications is actually a harness. This harness will offer you control over your dog, but it will not pull into the dog's throat and restrict its breathing the way that a collar will. This particular harness features a large red cross to let people know exactly what your purpose is, whether you're training or out in the field.

While rescue dog training does require the use of these products, many more are integral to the training process. Here at DogSport Gear, you'll find a wide range of professional items that are designed and tested for such demanding applications. Whether you're looking for rescue, Schutzhund, or police K9 training products, you can find and order them on this website, and shipping is available on all our products anywhere in the world.

Schutzhund Equipment

Schutzhund training takes patience, dedication, and the proper Schutzhund equipment. Here at DogSport Gear, you'll find virtually all of the products required to take a dog new to the world of Schutzhund and help build his tracking, obedience, and protection abilities. Everything from bite sleeves to protection sleeves and even toys are available here, and unlike other retailers of such equipment, we ship our products worldwide.

Schutzhund Training

The sport of Schutzhund consists of three main components: tracking, obedience, and protection. Schutzhund is very demanding on both the dog and handler, but using the right dog equipment in training can bring you closer to receiving the coveted Schutzhund title. Here at DogSport Gear, you'll find equipment that can make this process easier on both you and your dog.

Arguably, one of the most important parts of Schutzhund training is protection. During protection training, bite sleeves will test a dog's bite and grip abilities to show whether he possesses the enthusiasm and courage needed for Schutzhund. A wide variety of bite sleeves are available on this website, including some designed specifically for younger dogs.

The Schutzhund puppy sleeve found here at DogSport Gear is comfortable for the wearer but offers the puppy a soft and durable surface to start his bite and grip training. As the dog grows and his skills improve, you can move to some of the other Schutzhund sleeves that we carry here. This could be one with an integrated bite bar to enhance grip, or a flexible air compression sleeve that won't lose its shape over time. Hidden sleeves are also available, which will give you sufficient protection and a high level of comfort even when worn under clothing.

Exercise is also integral to Schutzhund training. The dumbbells found here at DogSport Gear are designed specifically for Schutzhund, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All are crafted from solid hardwood, but some feature rope handles, jute or French linen-covered handles, or "thorn" ends for preventing a dog from biting the ends. These are just a few of the many Schutzhund products found here, so we encourage you to explore the rest of our website for high-quality Schutzhund training gear.