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K9-800 Plus Dual Receiver E-Collar Technologies 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer

K9-800 Plus Dual Receiver E-Collar Technologies 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer
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K9-800 Plus Dual Receiver E-Collar Technologies 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer

Plus means that the unit comes with 2 receivers on the one collar. It is a single dog unit with 2 receivers pre-programmed on the same frequency and operated by a single transmitter (handheld).The reason that we use the PLUS is the receiver boxes can be fitted either side of the dogs throat rather than applying pressure to the throat, robbing the dog of air. Yes you can fit a single dog unit to one side of the neck but it will shape the way the dog works. For example if the receiver is fitted to the right side of the neck then the dogs head will move to the right in avoidance of the stim. This can be an issue for dogs in bite work, heel work etc. The PLUS over comes this. The dual receivers also mean that there is greater surface area to spread the stim over so it is actually easier on the dog. Finally and MOST importantly, dogs with thick coat types can sometimes be a struggle to obtain or maintain good connection with, so this can end up resulting in the collar having to be quite tight. The PLUS will enable the collar to be fitted quite a bit looser and lower than any other configuration. This means more air for the dog, less collar smart dogs and better connections.

For Dogs Size: 20 lbs. and Larger

Training Modes:

  • Continuous/Momentary/Tapping Sensation
  • Continuous/Continuous Boost/Tapping Sensation
  • Momentary/Momentary Boost/Tapping Sensation


  • Collar Receiver: 2.7” X 1.7” X 1.2”, 4.0 oz.
  • Biothane Collar Strap: 1” X 30”, 3.1 oz. (Ready to Cut to Size)
  • Floating Remote: 2.75” Diameter, 1.29” Thick and 4.3 oz.
  • Complete System in Box: 11.4” X 8.3” X 2.4”, 2.2 lbs.

International Customers:

No need to buy an expensive 220 Volt adapter, our Dual Voltage Battery Charger only needs a non-electrical adapter with the correct local plug configuration, we will include the correct adapter for free with all international online orders.

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For your protection and ours all E-Collars are subject to additional anti-fraud screening.

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