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GSSCC, Redline K-9, CWDF

Canadian Official Equipment Sponsor

DogSPort Gear is proud to be the official equipment sponsor of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (GSSCC) and The Canadian Working Dog Federation (CWDF). Since 2017 Redline K-9 field equipment has been a part of every Regional and National level championship in Canada. We couldn't be happier to support the tradition of excellence in dog sports found throughout Canada.

2024 IGP All Breed Canadian National Championship
June 14 - 16 - Oxford Working Dog Club

We'd like to thank judges Martin Kruiss and Ken Trouton for sharing their experience and knowledge. We'd also like to thank helpers Guillame Beaurent, Sebahattin Sebo and Christoper Devaux for their efforts throughout the event.

We'd also like to say thank you to everyone that came out to compete and offer an extra special congratulations to the podium finishers.

1) Riley Tolle and Fireballs Benny
2) Haz Othman and Gage vom Shield
3) Alexei Tourkine and Jon Snow von der Briken
4) Michaela Bouzkova and Expat's A'Pastis
5) Jonathan Cormier and Urbancanines Hunter

CWDF 2024 National IGP3 Podium

Prairies Region IGP Championship
June 9 - Inferno Canine Working Dog Club

We'd like to take a moment to thank judge Rainer Mast and helpers Zach Todos and Jeff Kohlman for their safe and fair work.

Congratulations to everyone that came out and competed and thank you to everyone that helped put on the event or simply enjoyed the trial.

Finally, a very special congratulations to the podium finishers:

1) Dominic & Bolle
2) Dallas & Crosby
3) Gabi & Cody

Working SC Female V-1 Tawni v. Bullinger - Owner Traci Bullinger
Working SC Male V-1 Bolle vom Drachenwolf - Owner Dominic Scarberry

Prairies Region 2024 IGP3 Podium

Western Region IGP Championship
May 31 - Delta Schutzhund Club

We'd like to thank judges Andrea Duggan and Darin Clarke for sharing their time and experience. We'd also like to thank helpers Kelly Readman, Dustin de Jongh and Sebahattin Gezer for their safe and consistent work.

Last and certainly not least, we'd like to thank everybody that came out and participated in, helped run or watched the event. This sport really takes a village, and your time is always appreciated.

Congratulations to the IGP podium finishers:
1) Ralph Gilby and Datty Fatymona
2) Lance Collins and Keiko von der Edermündung
3) Dani Armstrong and Yaro von Lindesfarne

Congratulations to Tracy Bullinger with V-1 in both Working SC Female (Qiss v. Bullinger) and Working SC Male (Pavel v. Bullinger).

Western Region 2024 IGP3 Podium

Eastern Region IGP Championship
May 18 - PEI Schutzhund Club

We'd like to thank the judge Raino Fluegge as well as the helpers Jesse Clark, Zakaria Bouchabchoub, and Alexander Holder for their dedication and hard work.

Special congratulations for the podium finishers as follows:

1) Eric LeBlanc and Kaine von Narnia
2) Harold Alexander and Ulrich vom Mack-Zwinger
3) Bonnie Sweeney and Knox von den Sportwaffen

Eastern Region 2024 IGP3 Podium

Quebec Region IGP Championship
May 17 - Club IPO Sport

We'd like to take a moment to thank Club IPO Sport for all the hard work that went in to hosting this event. Special thanks to the judge Edgar Pertl and helpers Jack Dinsmore, Guillaume Caron and Guillaume Beaurent.

Finally, we'd like to take a moment to congratulate the winners: 

1) Hazhaar Othman and Gage vom Shield
2) Guillaume Pichette and R'Stitsh de la noir alliance
3) Hazhaar Othman and Chiko vom Marchberger

Quebec Region 2024 IGP3 Podium