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Deflated Leather Reward Ball

Deflated Leather Reward Ball

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  • Self inflating core
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Comfortable throwing handle
  • Durable leather

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Our Redline K-9 leather reward ball is made from durable leather and built around a self inflating core. The core in these deflated balls takes much longer to to fully inflate the ball allowing them to remain in a "squashed" position for a period of time.  Also helps your dog get a big full bite of the toy and they will love to carry it around.

Finished with a sturdy loop handle made from our comfortable webbing and approximately 7 inches long.

Small Fully inflated ball is approximately 5 inches in diameter.

Large fully inflated ball is approximately 7 inches in diameter.

This ball is highly visible and fun making it an excellent high value reward for all aspects of training.

Customer Reviews

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Bonnie McDonald
My dog loves this!!

Recently received this product and it’s another wonderful tool for my training toolbox ! Great quality and really quick delivery!