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E-Collar Technologies Transmitter Only

E-Collar Technologies Transmitter Only

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  • Genuine E-Collar Technologies transmitter
  • Transmitter only
  • Receiver sold separately

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Genuine E-Collar Technologies replacement transmitters are easy to pair with existing receivers and available for most popular models.

FT-330 Finger Trainer

Please note that FT-030 Finger Buttons can only be paired with FT-330 Finger Transmitters.  To upgrade an existing ET-300 system to a finger trainer, you will need both the transmitter and the finger button.

Customer Reviews

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PE-900 Remote ONLY, not recommended

I updated my remote from the regular round educator remote which I always found uncomfortable to hold. Educator brand e-collars are 5-star quality and I highly recommend them. This review is for the PE-900 remote ONLY. I do not recommend it. I specifically chose this model for 2 reasons: to be able to lock each button to a specific stim level (single dog mode) and to utilize the continuous ramp mode. Information I read online about these features were misleading at best (not on the website but elsewhere, including the Educator website). Long story short, the buttons are not individually programmable for max levels (eg. you can’t lock a stim of 5 on one button, a boost of 10 on another, a boost of 20 on the next, and say an unlocked adjustable continuous on the last). If you lock any of the buttons, they are ALL locked at the same level/boost. It’s also a huge pain to lock/unlock the levels unlike the regular round remote, so don’t even bother locking it… BUT be careful, the volume knob is much more sensitive than the round remote so there is a good chance your levels will change if you have your remote in your pocket or even if it’s hanging from your neck. Second, the ramp mode STARTS at 10 and then goes up from there. So say you have your remote locked at 8 and you want it to gradually ramp up from 0-8… it will not. Continuous of 10 from the moment you tap the button. This wouldn’t such a big deal if you wanted to use the ramp mode as an emergency recall or positive punishment of say a gradual increase from 10-60 ( it stops prematurely when you release the button, so that is good at least) but to do that you’d have to lock the stim level at 60 and then guess what, everything is locked at 60, including your baseline working level. Or leave it unlocked at your regular lower working well and increase the dial manually which entirely defeats the purpose of having a ramp feature at all. Last, turning on the receiver light is also a pain… You have to toggle through several settings and even risk accidentally changing your set boost level. This is not a good remote for beginners and frankly I can’t even see a benefit for pros (in somewhere in the middle), don’t bother getting this remote… I honestly can’t think of a single benefit but it has several major drawbacks. The ergonomics are better than the round one but everything else is much worse. Maybe the EZ remote is a better middle ground? Long-winded review but I wanted anyone else who was thinking about getting this remote to understand what I didn’t. No qualms to dogsports website owners themselves - I have made several orders from them over the years and they have always been great to deal with. Just don’t bother with this particular remote! My 5c.

Kristy Doughty

E-Collar Technologies Transmitter Only

Melissa Halpenny

E-Collar Technologies Transmitter Only