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E-Collar Technologies Winged Comfort Pads

E-Collar Technologies Winged Comfort Pads

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  • Gold plated titanium wings
  • Excellent for long haired dogs
  • Designed for extended use
  • Less prone to irritate sensitive skin
  • Genuine E-Collar Technologies

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Genuine Winged Ultra Comfort Pads from E-Collar Technologies.  Designed for dogs with long hair and/or sensitive skin.  Features gold plated titanium wings and brass contact points to help reduce irritation and allow for extended use. 

CPAD-011 fits Educator RX-090 small and RX-120 large receivers. 

CPAD-015 fits Educator RX-070 and RX-050 micro receivers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
NOT More Comfortable

The pressure points are much more harsh than the original contact points. I actually noticed small scabs after a couple uses. Calling it Comfort Pads is rather misleading. To be honest I found this attachment borderline cruel , do not recommend.

Lindsey Borsa

I am not sure that the winged comfort pads are more comfortable. My dog seemed a bit off by them. I will give it more time for him to get used to them but may put the longer prong contacts back on.

Julie Robertson
Really happy with the new setup

The biothane collar with clip and bungee makes it so much easier to get the collar on and sized correctly. I really like the bungee for some give when my dog is working and hot.
I have noticed significant improvement in the contact of the collar with the comfort contacts. I could tell that often the contacts that came with the collar would not be both touching his neck.

Nathan Tjipta

E-Collar Technologies Winged Comfort Pads

Richard Foerderer

It’s a game changer