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ET-300 Mini Educator 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer

ET-300 Mini Educator 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer

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  • 1/2 mile range
  • Stimulation levels 1 to 100
  • Configurable boost level
  • Uses RX-090 receivers
  • Shock proof and water proof
  • E-Collars may ship separately

System Configuration
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The ET-300 Mini Educator employs proprietary "blunt" stimulation making it the most humane and effective e-collar trainer available.  Assembled in the USA, E-Collar technologies systems are completely modular.  A one dog system can be configured for second dog or plus system with an additional receiver.

The Mini Educator from E-Collar Technologies is loaded with features. The transmitter is configurable for stimulation levels from 1 to 100 with the ability to "lock and set" the stimulation level.  Features a configurable boost setting from 1 to 60. Alternative stimulation options include vibration and tone. Receivers have a light that can be activated from the remote and set to flashing or solid.

RX-090 receivers are low to medium power receivers suitable for dogs 10 pounds and larger. Each receiver, without any contact points installed, weighs roughly 2.3 ounces and measures 2.5" x 1.5" x 1.5". 

A single RX-090 receiver is more than enough power for most dogs for most applications. Very stubborn or hard-headed dogs, and working dogs engaged in bite sports, military or police activity may require multiple receivers.

E-Collars may be subject to additional anti-fraud screening. If there is a problem with your order we will contact you.

Standard Package Contents

  • 1 - 1/2 Mile Remote Transmitter (Black or Yellow)
  • 1 - RX-090 Receiver
  • 1 - 3/4" Biothane Collar (Black)
  • 1 - Dual Lead Charger
  • 1 - Set of Standard 3/4" Contact Points
  • 1 - Set of Standard 5/8" Contact Points
  • 1 - Accessory Package (Test Light, Skin Removal Tool, Contact Point Removal Tool)
  • 1 - Lanyard
  • 1 - Owners Manual 

ET-302 (2 Dog Unit) Additional Contents

  • 1 - Additional RX-090 Receiver 
  • 1 - Additional 3/4" Biothane Collar (Red)
  • 1 - Y Splitter for Charging
  • 1 - Additional Set of Standard 3/4" Contact Points
  • 1 - Additional Set of Standard 5/8" Contact Points

ET-300 Plus Additional Contents

  • 1 - Additional RX-090 Receiver 
  • 1 - Y Splitter for Charging
  • 2 - 3/4" Biothane Bungee Collars (Replaces standard collar)
  • 1 - Additional Set of Standard 3/4" Contact Points
  • 1 - Additional Set of Standard 5/8" Contact Points
  • 1 - Plastic Carrying Case

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Madison Borthwick

ET-300 Mini Educator 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer


Love how it works.

Derek Gallan

ET-300 Mini Educator 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer

Jennifer Horner

Very happy with my first order. Excellent selection and very fast delivery. Very pleased!

Malcolm Leong
Works well but only if you have a trainer

Title says it all. Collar works well but to get the most out of it, a trainer is The key. Our trainer recommended this collar and since we’ve been using it under his guidance the results we’ve seen in our beagle is absolutely amazing. Since buying this collar 14 days ago, our trainer has worked with us 4 times with the collar and now we can take our beagle for off leash walks without her taking off and never coming back, she heels extremely well, sit/stays without issue and basically has transformed into the perfect obedient dog.

I’ve had 6 really good dogs in my life. Every single one has been trained using different methods, techniques and tools. This collar as a tool has got to be the most effective tool I’ve used.

Again, the key to this collar is the trainer who will help teach you how to use it properly and to get the most out of it.