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Robit Toy

Robit Toy

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  • Excellent for prey building
  • Fun for puppies and smaller dogs
  • Made with leather and sheep skin
  • Meant for interactive play only

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The famous Redline K-9 Robit toy is perfect for prey building fun with younger dogs or simply as a reward for smaller adults. The fun prey like movements of the leather and sheep skin pieces will keep your dog occupied and entertained throughout the play session.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aerin Jacob
Super fun for my dog and me. His fave toy by far.

We have a young golden retreiver who is a bit shy, timid, and reluctant to play (!). Our trainer recommended interactive tug toys to increase the dog's confidence, playfulness, and bond with us. I've never seen my dog wag so much as playing with this toy, and it's fun for us too. The rope makes it long enough to dangle or flip-flop the toy around and it's good practice for "give"/"drop it" training as well. Highly recommended.

Dee Clifford
Favorite Toy

My puppy loves the Robit Toy, she gets so excited when it comes out. Would definitely buy again and recommend to all her puppy buds.