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Sherpa Crate Pad Or Bed

Sherpa Crate Pad Or Bed

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  • Made from ultra plush Sherpa
  • Sized to fit IATA crate sizes
  • Does no trap moisture at surface
  • Machine washable

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These beds are made from an ultra plush Sherpa made specifically for Redline K-9. We set very specific tolerances for manufactured thickness, fiber length and density which results in a more comfortable Sherpa material.

Sherpa will not trap water at the surface and is machine washable.  Each bed or mat is finished with hooks to hang dry.

Available in sizes designed to fit IATA crate sizes and available as a single layer crate mat or a bed made of two plush layers sewn together. The perfect choice for young dog's first bed due to their relative low cost and ease in cleaning.

Customer Reviews

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Ivy R
Affordable and Durable

I had bought it for a rescue I'm fostering on her second or third day here. I didn't know if she was the destructive type or not so I didn't want to spend too much on a bed for her. This pad has handled digging on, being carried around, "plucked", pottied on, and it's still intact! Worth it!