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Sprenger Toggle Choke Chain - 3mm

Sprenger Toggle Choke Chain - 3mm

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  • Manufactured in Germany
  • 3mm flat, polished narrow links
  • Toggle closure doubles as handle
  • Legendary Herm Sprenger quality
  • Measured end to end in cm

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3mm chrome plated, flat, polished narrow links with toggle closure.  Manufactured in Germany and stamped "HS Germany" to ensure authenticity. Herm Sprenger has long been the gold standard for corrective and other metal collars.

Toggle choke chains are sized to fit the neck like a normal collar.  The unique Herm Sprenger toggle piece passes through the end ring on the other end of the collar to fasten securely behind your dog's head.  No need to pull chain over dog's head.  Toggle piece functions well as a handle. Collar is measured from end to end including end ring.